5 reasons why you’ll love the Völklingen Ironworks!

Like the backbone of a whale, the Völklingen factory near Saarbrücken is the framework on which an economic and social history has been built. The drive for technological development, the organization of a capitalist system, the war effort, nationalisms, as well as its post-industrial use and development as a heritage site emerge concurrently and immediately….

10 surprising reasons to visit Rotterdam in 2017

Rotterdam is surrounded by large arterial roads that cross the city from one side to the other and wide canals that constantly greet the eye, and it opens onto an immense port that handles millions of containers from all over the world. However, Rotterdam also offers some very distinctive, unusual urban gems. If the port represents one end of the scale, the other is the mixture of an inspired, elegant skyline and redeveloped, renovated industrial buildings.

Prison Break in Netherlands

L’imaginaire de chacun est sollicité. Chaque voyageur vivra l’expérience de manière très personnelle, voyant en cet espace insolite un lieu paradoxal. Se superposent alors le passé et le présent : l’espace interdit, clos et sombre de la prison et l’espace transitoire et esthétiquement achevé qu’incarne l’hôtel.