Lisbon out of kilter capital

In the maze of Lisbon, street art finds a natural playground and contributes to the highly-distinctive atmosphere of the city.

The soul of Lisbon

If Lisbon’s place in world history is impressive, the city is by no means focused on its past, fully embracing the present. The city is also changing. Lisbon offers a mixture of styles with a unique flavor.

An island utopia: Mallorca in winter

From Banyalbufar to Sa Calobra, from Valldemossa to Cala d’Or or the peninsula of Formentor, the island resumes a rhythm that lies somewhere between nonchalance and neglect. The melancholy feeling of time that freezes and stops.


Above all, Prague is a whole collection of urban mythologies, in which resonates a certain European spirit. From the idea of Mitteleuropa to political and literary dissent, Prague is a symbol that has become a magnet for tourists.


Mascarons and other decorative motifs abound, providing a survey of the human condition. Demonstrative, unusual, refined, expressive, unexpected; they make up a kind of bestiary of the human face.