An island utopia: Mallorca in winter

From Banyalbufar to Sa Calobra, from Valldemossa to Cala d’Or or the peninsula of Formentor, the island resumes a rhythm that lies somewhere between nonchalance and neglect. The melancholy feeling of time that freezes and stops.

Escape from the Outside World in the Majorelle Garden

MARRAKECH, 2018 Between source of inspiration, a longing for elsewhere, or the search for fulfillment, the Majorelle Garden suggests the possibility of a perfect world. This enclosed space evokes to a certain degree the Garden of Eden as represented by the Flemish Primitives of the 15th century. Nature subtly meets the desire of man when…

Take a Walk through Essaouira’s Fishing Port

ESSAOUIRA, 2018 Version française en seconde partie The former Mogador entrenched in its walls looks out to sea. There is still an 18th century fortress here that is classed as a UNESCO World Heriatge site. The site has been a prosperous trading post since antiquity, and a crossroads of sub-Saharan African land routes and sea…

10 surprising reasons to visit Rotterdam in 2017

Rotterdam is surrounded by large arterial roads that cross the city from one side to the other and wide canals that constantly greet the eye, and it opens onto an immense port that handles millions of containers from all over the world. However, Rotterdam also offers some very distinctive, unusual urban gems. If the port represents one end of the scale, the other is the mixture of an inspired, elegant skyline and redeveloped, renovated industrial buildings.